• Trading In Farm Raw Materials And Industies

    Sugar, Wheat, Sorghum, Corn, Rice, Millet, Cocoa, Sesame, Coffee, etc.

    Agricultural products comprise of crops and animals such as tubers, grains, dairies and Livestock. Besides serving as a source of food for man, these products are used for other purposes. Agricultural products are produced or reared in the farmland but need to be sourced and made available through distribution channels to wholesale traders and consumers.

    SANERC Commodities provides comprehensive assistance to our clients seeking reliable channels to buy products like Sugar, Wheat, Sorghum, Corn, Rice, Millet, Cocoa, Sesame, Coffee, etc.

    At SANERC Commodities we are a leading commodities broking firm in the cameroon. We boast of a thorough knowledge of the domestic and international agriculture commodity market.

    We trade in:

    Cotton: we buy and sell coffee and related products. We purchase these products from farms and export to local and international markets. We can help you Identify, Process and Transport coffee to any parts of the world that you need it to be.

    Coffee: Compared to other agricultural commodities, coffee is a soft commodity. The coffee plant grows mostly in tropical and subtropical climates. Coffee is an important part of diet across the world. The importance of coffee can be seen in its market size, with a lot of professional depending on coffee supply chain, such as the coffee growers, coffee roasters, coffee packers, coffee marketers, coffee equipment manufacturers and other indirect benefactors of the coffee product. This is why the international commodity market depends largely on the prices of coffee.

    The coffee plant is of two kinds. The Arabica and the Robusta.

    The suitable climate for the Arabica plant is the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The Robusta plants generally grow at much lower altitudes than Arabica crops.

    The 1-Ton Super-Sacks can be used for coffee exports but Coffee production in the international market is still largely measured in jute bags.  These bags have the capacity to hold up-to 60 kg of coffee.

    We boast of partners in the top exporting countries in the world including Brazil, Guatemala, Columbia and Ethiopia.

    Cocoa: Cocoa is hard to source and originate because it is produced mostly by farmers in remote communities, and very fragile.

    At SANERC Commodities, we have evolved a network that has enabled us meet the needs of our growing community.

    We supply quality cocoa beans and related products to top cocoa processors in the world.

    Corn: Corn is a useful commodity to many industries. The commodity has its origin in Central west and central africa . There a six kinds of corn. Pod corn. Porn corn. Dent corn accounts for most of the US production of corn. Sweet corn is sweetest in taste. Flour corn that possess a level of starch. Flint corn has a hard outer shell. Corn is used for many items such as cereals, ethanol, livestock feed and alcoholic beverages.

    Corn is grown predominantly in the US, India, Brazil, France, etc.

    This price of corn is driven by the demand for ethanol, Chinese demand for corn, the price of oil (corn is used in making fuel).

    Soybeans: Soybeans is a highly priced commodity in the US. If policies are swung in a direction that weakens the dollar, the prices of soybeans will rise. This possibility makes the soybeans a toast to investors. As emerging markets in the world experience growth, soybeans is likely to increase sharply. These markets have a great demand for oil and livestock feeds.

    Rice: One reason you should invest in rice is that rice is a food commodity. It is a basic need for all people. Considering the policy direction of the financial institutions today, inflation is likely. Once that happens, rice will witness a sharp increase in demand and the price will skyrocket.

    Wheat is a highly demanded product because of its qualities. It is easy to grow. It require little labor and water. The importance of wheat is rising around the world, especially as more and more people are looking to it for lower sugar concerns. It is also important for biofuel production. These factors will make the demand and pricing for wheat rise in the coming years.

    Sugar: the reasons why investing in sugar will be a wise choice mow is that sugar consumption is on the increase in the developing countries. The quest to end global warming is a risk to the volume of sugar production, when these happen, the supply of sugar will be greatly reduced, which will lead to a higher demand that will create a higher price.

    SANERC Commodities is your go-to firm when you need to access quality agricultural products.


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