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We are a sustainable and fair african trading company

SANERC Commodities

SANERC Commodities is a fair and sustainable agribusiness which imports and exports agricultural products, and provides sales representation.

The headquarters is located to Cameroon. The mission is to provide innovative service for our stateholders and reach food autonomy for our population.
Our aim is to exploit market opportunities in these areas to the best advantage of our stakeholders.

We want to be the most efficient, sustainable and innovative knowledge-based agribusiness in Africa.

Please contact us for any information.

  • Location: Biyem-assi, Yaounde, Cameroun.

  • Germany: (+49) 15 731 851 550
    France: (+33) 299 848 470‬
    Cameroon:‬ (+237) 651 995 060
    Canada: (+1) 438 725 195 9

Our Skills

SANERC commodities is a regional trading company, created first in 2010, with local affiliates and partners in key countries in Africa, Europe and Russia. Our main goal is to unite business people with the sustainable products. Whether you are looking for agricultural commodities, commercial representation and special advices, our team can help you find the best opportunity. Our experts have secured multiple reliable sources in key producers and farmers. Our thorough knowledge of documentation, transportation and financial instruments will support your needs in this global market place.

We are made up of a competent team with 10 years of experience. We intend to grow with you.

Commercial representation of companies 44%
Direct Import 71%
Direct Export 89%
Sales and Distribution 41%


We specialize in agricultural products intended for human and animal consumption. Our product range includes high quality raw materials, intermediate products and specialities for different industries. We distribute also agricultural machineries.


We offer you the following services:

  • Quality control of products.
  • Chartering of sea and river cargo ships
  • Supply management
  • customs procedures
  • Market analysis and originating locations
  • Deliveries planning while collaborating closely with our clients


With our local expertise, we offer a practical and cost-effective option for companies wishing to expand their business in Africa. It is a refreshing and innovative scdnjs.trategy based on our experience of the market. Each client is unique in their product type and therefore require a tailor-made service specific to their own individual objectives.

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    SANERC Commodities  is a wholesale bulk supplier of Sunflower seeds and Oil, a natural oil extracted from sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seeds. The oil is a clear honey color with a bland odor and taste; relatively rich in vitamin E and low in saturated fat. This particular sunflower oil is of the linoleic variety, or what is commonly known as standard sunflower oil.

    Our specialty sunflower oil offers high stability, superior performance and a neutral flavor, all without hydrogenation. It is low in saturated fat, contains no grams of trans fat per serving and has been specially developed for stable storage applications. Bests qualities oils for your industries and restaurants chain. Origin:  Turkey, India, Malaisya, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan…

  • RICE

    Rice is one of the world’s most significant food crops. Approximately 488 million tons are grown annually, with Asia accounting for approximately 90% of global production, around 85% of global demand, and 75% of the world’s exportable surplus.
    Rice is the most important staple food for a large part of the world’s population, providing more than one fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by people. Most rice is consumed as white rice (husked and polished), however rice flour is becoming popular with bakers as a gluten-free starch alternative. Some milling by-products include bran, oil and starch.
    Thailand, India and Vietnam are the top three exporters, followed by the US, Pakistan, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Myanmar. Africa accounts for approximately one third of global demand.
    Our highly experienced and diverse team, and our leading market research, are the foundation of our leading position in rice. Moreover, we are committed to industry best practices and apply strong risk management to rice origination, trading, sales and distribution.
    An extensive global network allows us to meet increasing demand driven by steep population growth and urbanization. We continue to expand our activities in Africa to consolidate our position as a leading supplier in the region.
    Leveraging the Group’s ocean freight capabilities, the Rice Platform serves a growing global market with competitively priced, quality products

    SANERC Commodities  provides to the worldwide the best wheat flour from the bests continents providers North and South America, East Europe,Africa …. in the limitless quantity you can desire.
    That the mill of multiple classes of wheat to produce a wide range of flours for bakers and food processors. Soft red, soft white, hard red winter and hard red spring wheats are available for milling, either individually or blended. We provide varieties of white flour, whole wheat flour and wheat bran.
    All of our whole wheat flours are 100 percent whole grain and can be milled from soft wheats or hard red spring wheat, providing a wide range of protein options. The wheat used in our whole wheat products goes through an extensive cleaning process that includes electronic color sorters. This process yields products of the highest purity and quality.

    Our soft white whole wheat flour has a more neutral flavor profile and lighter color than red wheats. For these reasons, it is preferred by many bakers and other food processors. This product is ideal for making graham crackers, pancakes, muffins and many other whole grain products as well as in the distillation of vodka, whiskeys and neutral grain spirits.
    Hard red spring whole wheat flour is ideal for pizza crust, artisan breads, pan breads and many other yeast-raised products.
    We export Wheat Flour : prime extra, first & second grade


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    SANERC Commodities  is a wholesale bulk supplier of Sunflower seeds and Oil, a natural oil extracted from sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seed...


    1964, Yaounde, CAMEROUN



    +(237) 222 316 394


    Cameroon (+237) 651 995 060
    France (+ 33) 299 848 470
    Germany (+ 49) 157 318 515 50
    Canada (+ 1) 438 725 195 9